It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for my closet


I know I haven’t posted in forever but toward the end of my pregnancy (in Aug and early Sept) I was just too tired, too large, and too irritated to do much of anything other than wear maxi dresses and complain about how damn hot I was. I read a lot of fashion blogs and I’m dumbfounded by all of the bloggers who manage to post quite frequently throughout pregnancy (please tell me how they have the energy to get so glammed up all the time? And wear stilettos? And look genuinely happy while doing it?). Then the real kicker is when these adorable bloggers pop out their babies and then go back to posting when their babes are a week old. WHO DOES THAT? I mean a week after having a baby I’m a hot mess. So the point of my story is that I haven’t posted in a while because basically I suck at being a normal functioning human during pregnancy and post baby.

Anyway, I’m not out of the clear yet. Little guy is 4 weeks old and I’m still a hot mess. But I will tell you that all of the hours I’ve spent at home has left me a LOT of time to do online shopping. Oh there is so much I could say I “love it/need it” to right now! Fall clothes are just the best. And I embrace all things trendy! Bring on the felt fedoras! The booties! The ripped jeans! Here are some of my recent online finds (worn on one of my rare outings where I actually put on normal clothes and wore makeup. Although I may not have showered that day).

p.s. – I’ve never owned a pair of AG jeans and I just bought this skinny black pair…I’m really loving them! They’re super comfy (although a little snug right now since I still have some lbs to lose to get back to pre-preggers weight).

blackhat5_croppedblackhat3_croppedblackhat_cropMerona fedora / Flying Tomato Aztec sleeve cardigan / AG Tempest jeans / Louis Vuitton bag / Sole Society Natasha boots

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds – Still Available!

(UPDATE: I guess everyone is madly snatching up what’s left of the deals today, since I wrote this last night and the items I included were available…and now some of them aren’t – sorry! It goes quick!)

Today is the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So if you haven’t shopped it yet, hurry! I’m always pretty stoked on every Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but this year I was really excited about it and ordered way too much stuff (my excuse is that they have free shipping and return shipping). I don’t know why I was particularly obsessed this year. I think maybe it was the fact that I was able to find stuff for hubby, my 4-year-old, myself AND baby. And the fact that I’m pregnant and have been buying boring maternity clothes – so this was my chance to order cute non-maternity stuff for fall! So basically my mentality was ORDER EVERYTHING IN SIGHT BECAUSE I NEED IT ALL…and then I can just send it back if I need to (calm down, hubby….I probably won’t keep it all. Probably). Here are some items I snagged that are still available as of this post (I’m not going to post all my finds because I don’t want to give the hubs a legit heart attack)…

photo 3Cara ‘Knot End’ Hinged Cuff – Sale: $17.90, After Sale: $28.00

Cara Spike Hinge Cuff – (The gold version is sold out, but this silver one is available)

Sale: $17.90, After Sale: $28.00 (UPDATE: These are now sold out. Sorry.)

photo 2Hunter ‘Tall Moto’ Rain Boot (Nordstrom Exclusive) – Sale: $139.90, After Sale: $215.00 (UPDATE: These are now sold out. Sorry.)

I love that these black Hunters have the “moto” details to make them a little different from the standard black Hunters. And it rains all the time here so I actually NEED these. Right?

cagebootsHinge® ‘Dresden’ Caged Leather BootieSale: $86.90, After Sale: $129.95

It’s easy to buy shoes right now since they’re the only thing I can try on while pregnant. I love these but I also decided last minute to order them in the tan color just to see which ones I like best.

For baby…

photo 1Skip Hop ‘DUO’ Diaper Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) – Sale: $41.90, After Sale: $64.00 (UPDATE: supposedly this is sold out, but when I search Skip Hop on Nordstrom, I see it available at full price…I’m not sure what the deal is with that!)

Not the best pic but this diaper bag is super cute. Love the neutral pin stripe – and at this discounted price, it’s really a steal. (Ergo baby carrier is no longer available…but I just have to say I was most excited about this find!)

A couple more items, photos courtesy of…

viaspiga_coatVia Spiga Hooded Quilted Walking CoatSale: $89.90, After Sale: $138.00

I have a thing for puffy coats…especially ones that don’t make me look like a giant marshmallow. I can’t really try it on with my preggo belly but I’m hoping it looks cute on.

For my kiddo…

sweatshirtsJem – ‘Goggle Minion – Despicable Me™’ Hoodie (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Jem – ‘Spidey’ Zip Mask Hoodie (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Sale: $29.90, After Sale: $45.00

Sometimes my 4-year-old puts up a fight when getting dressed, but I’m much more likely to get clothes on him if a cool character is involved. Hey, I’ll do whatever it takes! He’s already obsessed and wants to wear them (although it’s too hot) and I was impressed with them as well – they seem to be very high quality and are nice and thick. They’ll probably be used as jackets in the early fall.

OK, I’m stopping there! I can’t wait to use my new #nsale goodies this fall! Did you score any sweet finds?

Stitch Fix & Maternity Style – My Fix #2

I’ve been meaning to post pics from my second Stitch Fix delivery, which arrived when I was about 28 weeks pregnant (I’m now 31)…I’ve just been SO dang tired. In fact, when my Stitch Fix arrived I remember coming home from work and being too exhausted to open the box (and didn’t even get to it until the next day). Sad, huh? Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

IMG_3479I tried Stitch Fix for the first time when I was about 21 weeks pregnant (you can check out the post here). Stitch Fix doesn’t carry maternity clothes specifically, but they’ll try their best to send you styles that are suitable for pregnant women. My first “Fix” was fun and I got some cute stuff (but ultimately only kept one item). I was going to hold off on trying it again until after baby arrives, but then I couldn’t resist trying it one more time (after all, it is quite exciting to get a box of cute clothes hand-selected for you by a stylist). Again, I got some cute things but only kept one item. Check out what I received below:

IMG_3487Fun2Fun “Joan Mixed Print Henley Tunic”

Really cute, but I received another tunic in the exact same style that I liked a bit better. So I sent this one back.

IMG_3511Gilli “Jess Basketweave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress”

I actually loved this dress, but I already have black maxi dresses – both maternity and non-maternity. So I really didn’t have an excuse to keep it.

IMG_3501Subtle Luxury “Hadley Embroidery Detail Roll-Tab Cotton Tunic”

I’m not really in to the frumpy and disheveled look, so back this went (although I think somewhere I saw a pic of some non-preggo hottie wearing this as a beach cover-up, and it actually looked cute. Me, not so much).

IMG_3488Fun2Fun “Portland Stripe & Daisy Print Henley Tunic”

I liked both tunics in this Fix, and they were reasonably priced. My first thought was to keep the pink and red one, but this one kind of grew on me after a while. This was the one item I kept in this Fix. It’s lightweight and has plenty of belly room, which is nice.

IMG_3518Eight Sixty “Kanni Highlow Printed Maxi Dress”

I love maxi dresses but this was all wrong on me – kinda felt like I was wearing a tent. It was spacious enough for my huge baby bump, but I think it would simply look better without the big belly (and if I was maybe 5’9 and supermodel thin?). Also, the high/low hemline is cool – but the low part was too low to wear with flats. That alone makes it a no-go.

So basically, I think Stitch Fix can still definitely work in pregnancy – I mean everything fit for the most part (except for the last awkward dress). But since I’ve only been keeping one item I think that tells me I should maybe hold off until baby arrives in a couple of months. That’s probably when I’ll really need it – I’ll have to find clothes for my post-baby body and will have no time to shop!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If not, you can sign up here (this is my referral link, fyi) and see what all the buzz is about!

Easy, Breezy Kimonos – Get in My Closet!

ImageBaby bump update: 26 weeks in these photos

I know I’ve probably said this before, but I hate spending tons on maternity clothes…I don’t want to buy really nice pieces that I know I will only get a little bit of use out of (this is the reason why you’ll probably see me wearing mostly Old Navy maternity for the next few months. Sorry). So lately I’ve kind of lost my desire to go shopping (what do I do with myself now?!)…having to buy maternity really sucks the fun out of things! But I guess the decrease in shopping is pretty good on my bank account. I have to say though, if I can find something that’s non-maternity that works throughout pregnancy, I’m pretty stoked. Obviously kimonos are spacious and flowy…so they work perfectly for this! I’m kind of in love! I love this bright and cheery one – perfect for summer. I wanted it in the turquoise color but it sold out super quickly on the Apricot Lane Boutique site.

(Side note: can I just say that my office is surrounded by the ugliest possible background items – nondescript buildings, concrete, work trucks, construction vehicles, chain link fences, etc…not ideal for photos. So when I saw this bush of somewhat pretty-ish pink flowers I practically dove straight into the middle of it…seriously.)


One thing you can always indulge in even during pregnancy – jewelry! How sweet is this long bow necklace? I’ve seen it a gazillion times on Instagram selfies but I don’t care if everyone and their cousin has it…I just love it.


ImageKimono from Apricot Lane Boutique (sold out, but find some other cute kimonos here, here and here!) / Merona Maternity top / Old Navy maternity jeans / Tory Burch Miller sandals and sunglasses / Mindy Mae’s Market Long Bow necklace

Photos by Aaron Apple

Stitch Fix From a Preggo’s Perspective: A Review of My First Stitch Fix Box

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashion

I’ve finally jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon! In case you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it’s a personal styling service where you create an online custom profile about your style preferences and then a personal stylist hand selects 5 pieces of clothing/accessories to suit your tastes and ships them to your door. Once you receive your fix, you can try everything on, keep what you love and send back whatever you don’t (free shipping both ways!). There is a $20 styling fee, which is applied as a credit to anything you decide to purchase.

I wanted to try Stitch Fix a while ago but then I got pregnant and decided to hold off until after baby arrived. But lately I’ve been hearing so much about it I just couldn’t resist and had to try it out! The obvious problem is that I have a little preggo tummy (currently 21 weeks) and it’s only going to get bigger. Would Stitch Fix be able to send me maternity options? After a little digging I discovered they don’t currently carry maternity clothes but can definitely offer options that work well for pregnant women, such as “a fabulous range of tunics, dolman tops, cardigans, and maxi dresses and skirts.” I was still a little unsure but dying to try it out, so I gave it a whirl. I set up my profile with my normal pre-pregnancy sizes but added very thorough notes to the stylist letting her know how far along I am and asking her to avoid pants for now (unless they are my favorite stretchy-waisted style).

Stitch Fix is so popular and they’re growing so fast that there is a bit of a wait to get a fix. I think I signed up a couple of months ago and just received my first fix last week. Let me tell you, getting a fix feels like Christmas. You have no idea what you’re going to get and it’s so exciting to see what a stylist has selected for you. For me, I think that’s a huge part of its appeal. Some people love Stitch Fix because they hate shopping – but I love the surprise element.

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashionWhen your box arrives, you’ll receive a little note from your stylist about the pieces she selected for you, along with some pictures to show you some great options for how to style those pieces.

Here’s what I received in my first fix:

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashion

1. Ezra Sansa Dotted Chevron Print 3/4 Sleeve Dress, $38 (kept it!)

I absolutely loved the print and colors on this dress. And it had enough room for my tummy! The loop holes for the tie were a little too low for pregnancy, so I moved the tie up so it hit at the top of my tummy. This may be a tad on the short side, but I could just add leggings with it.

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashion

2. Renee C Gabe Striped Maxi Skirt, $58 (returned)

I totally loved this maxi skirt – the color is great, I’m a fan of stripes, it’s super comfy – what’s not to love? The only thing is, it just fit perfectly now. I know that in like 4 weeks that waist band may not be as comfy. If my stylist had gone up one size in this, it would have been perfect and I would have kept it. Or if I had received it in my first trimester, I would have kept it. Also, I just recently purchased a striped maxi skirt in another color, so truthfully I didn’t need to keep this one.

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashion

3. Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank, $48 (returned)

This was cute and totally roomy – I could have worn this a lot during pregnancy. But for some reason that little dip in the front really bugged me. I wish it was just straight across.

4. Rune Porter Basic Legging, $38 (returned)

The first thing I thought when I saw these was, “I already have a ton of black leggings – these are going back.” But once I got them on, I really liked them – they were a bit thicker and seemed to be very good quality (better than the cheapo Old Navy ones I have). I decided to send them back though because – like the maxi skirt – they just fit me perfectly now. I have a feeling they’d be too small next month.

stitch fix, stitch fix review, love it need it, maxi skirt, pregnancy, pregnancy style, maternity, maternity style, maternity fashion, bump style, bump fashion

5. Carmela Stefano Medallion Print Shift Dress, $38 (returned)

I really wish this could have worked. I love the print and the idea of a shift dress (plus the price was a steal), but the fit of this dress was absolutely terrible on me. It was roomy but not in a good way. Even with my pregnant tummy I was swimming in it. In that left picture, you can see all that extra fabric under the arm and the body of the dress has no shape (frumpy alert!). In the pic on the right, I’m actually grabbing half the dress in my hand behind my back to show how maybe it could have worked if it had a bit more shape. But who knows – maybe I would appreciate this dress at 8 months?

So did I like my first fix? Yes, I was very pleasantly surprised they were able to provide some good options for a pregnant gal. My stylist managed to pretty much nail my style and for the most part, I loved the patterns, colors and pieces she selected for me. Although I ended up keeping only one item out of the box, I was on the fence about several. After returning the items, I was able to provide feedback to let the stylist know what I didn’t like – and I’ve heard from other bloggers that this feedback will greatly help to improve your future fixes.

Would I recommend Stitch Fix during pregnancy? Yes, I would recommend trying it out – especially if you’re in early pregnancy. Sometimes in the early stages, you get to that point where your regular clothes are uncomfortable but you’re not ready for maternity – and it’s nice to have Stitch Fix select some roomier non-maternity items for you. My advice though is to indicate that you’d like your stylist to go up one size if an item seems smaller or true to size (like my maxi skirt and leggings). If the item seems roomier than normal, they could just send you your regular size (like my racerback tank). There may be some stylists that are better at deciding this kind of thing – so if you have one that seems to get it right, make sure you request that stylist for all your fixes!

For those of you who are not pregnant and have not tried Stitch Fix…what are you waiting for?! Get on it now – the soonest available fix isn’t until July! I’m pretty sure that when I’m not pregnant, I will be a monthly subscriber. I’m a little bit obsessed! If you’re ready for your first fix, you can sign up here: (this link listed here and above is my referral link).

If you’ve tried it before – what did you think of your fix?

My New Favorite: Stretchy-Waist Pants

billabong, converse one star pants, target, target style, michael kors heels, juicy couture handbag, gorjana necklace

Stretchy pants! Why, those are the greatest things in the world! If I were you I would wear them every day, every day!” – Chandler Bing

Apparently yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of Friends (best show EVER!), and this post is all about my love for stretchy (waisted) pants…so obviously I had to quote Chandler here! He speaks the truth…they are the greatest thing in the world. Especially for me and my growing preggo tummy (20 weeks, in case you care to know). I love my stretchy yoga pants but I can’t wear those everywhere…so stretchy-waisted regular pants (slacks?) are my new favorite option. I feel kind of lucky that these pants with stretchy elastic waists are trendy right now when I’m pregnant. I can stock up on them in my regular size and just loosen up the drawstring a bit. Plus I can continue to wear them past pregnancy. And oh, how comfy they are! Will I ever want to wear normal pants again??? I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have to give in soon and buy some good ol’ maternity pants, but I’m enjoying these while I can.

billabong, converse one star pants, target, target style, michael kors heels, juicy couture handbag

The ones I’m wearing here are from Target – you can’t see the waist but they’ve got a thick elastic waistband and drawstring. I also bought another pair from Target that are similar but made out of more of a sweat pant material (it’s like wearing dressy sweatpants…amazing).

billabong, converse one star pants, target, target style, michael kors heels, juicy couture handbag, gorjana necklace

These next ones are from Hawaii (modeled in Hawaii at 16 weeks, FYI) from the Quiksilver store (Roxy brand). You can’t see the waist here either, but again – forgiving elastic waist and drawstring. (Apparently I’m drawn to black & white tribal prints…).

old navy, roxy, stella & dot, aldo sandals, juicy couture handbag, tory burch sunglasses, denim shirtold navy, roxy, stella & dot, aldo sandals, juicy couture handbag, tory burch sunglasses, denim shirtold navy, roxy, stella & dot, aldo sandals, juicy couture handbag, tory burch sunglasses, denim shirt

I also own this great black pair from Old Navy. So basically you can get these pants for super cheap…I don’t think it’s necessary to buy designer brand stretchy pants because the inexpensive ones look cute and honestly, who knows if they’ll be “in” next year (I really hope so!).


Top look: Target Converse One Star Neda pant / Billabong Drift Together cardigan / Michael Kors heels / Juicy Couture purse / Gorjana necklace

Bottom look: Rubbish denim shirt / Old Navy tank / Roxy Sweet Sea pants / Aldo sandals / Tory Burch glasses / Stella & Dot necklace

A Watercolor Maxi Dress & Maui Backdrop

maxi dress, jack by bb dakota, watercolor maxi dress, jack maxi dress

I’ve been in Maui for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been doing absolutely nothing – and ohhh how wonderful it feels! Just what I need in my second trimester…some serious R&R. I have truly been doing nothing but reading (just finished the first Veronica Mars novel – ah-mazing, of course), EATING (pickles, green olives, extra spicy bloody mary mix and pepperjack cheese are the preggo cravings), finally catching up on the last season of 90210 (yes, the newer one – leave me alone), and watching my son play in the pool and ocean with daddy while I soak up some Hawaiian rays. So after days of being lazy I decided maybe I should actually do something, like write a blog post. So here I am, being semi-productive!

maxi dress, jack by bb dakota, watercolor maxi dress, jack maxi dress

I bought this amazing Jack by BB Dakota maxi dress last year but it’s still available now – here and here. I love the vibrant mix of colors that look like watercolor brushstrokes. It makes me think of somewhere beautiful and tropical. So naturally it was the very first thing I thought of to pack for our Maui getaway.

maxi dress, jack by bb dakota, watercolor maxi dress, jack maxi dress

I think I’d like this with a cute belt around the cinched waist, but since I’m 16 weeks pregnant I just don’t think the belt would look quite as good as it does on the Urban Outfitters model

maxi dress, jack by bb dakota, watercolor maxi dress, jack maxi dress

The other thing I love about this dress – it’s so flowy/swishy it will make you want to twirl. Gotta love any dress that makes you want to twirl! OK, enough about my love affair with this dress. I had to say my goodbyes since pretty soon I’ll be a little too round to fit into it! Maternity wear is just around the corner!


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